Welcome to Earthscape, your premier design-and-build landscape company.

In the trade, we’re known as a “hardscape” company, a firm that specializes in outdoor construction of all types. We design and build — or rebuild — features that add beauty and value to your property. Some of our specialties are (be sure to look at our portfolio!):

  • Patios, terraces, and turning yards into outdoor rooms
  • Design and plant lawns, gardens, and other residential and agricultural projects.
    (We don’t mow or maintain lawns or properties, but can recommend several firms that do.)
  • Walls of all types, both engineered retaining walls and ornamental walls
  • Water features — garden and fish ponds, waterfalls, and fountains
  • During the winter, we provide commercial plowing
We work with commercial and residential customers from Boston northwest into southern New Hampshire.

We operate our own nursery to provide high-quality fully-acclimated plants year-round at reasonable wholesale rates. We also own all our own equipment. And we’re fully insured.

Contact us to discuss your project!