Welcome to Earthscape Inc.!

NOTE: We’re redesigning our web site to give you more information more quickly and easily, so this is the only page you can browse today. Give us a call or email (links are at the bottom) to ask about our services or to talk about your projects.

My name is Josh Degen, and I started Earthscape 1984. Since then, I and my company have earned a reputation for quality design and craftsmanship on landscaping and “hardscaping” (outdoor and landscape construction) projects, both residential and commercial, that is unmatched in the Boston metro area. What’s the secret? We listen to you and your plans and ideas, and use our expertise and experience to make your plans real. We blend earth, stone, water, and plants to create your personal environment. We will exceed your expectations!

What does that mean in the real world? We specialize in creating outdoor rooms that match your life and the way you want to live. But we take it personally. I love to barbecue and grill, so outdoor kitchens have become something of a specialty. And I love the sounds of water, so water features are another specialty at which we excel. By training I am a horticulturist, so we’re picky and precise with plantings — most are acclimated to the vigorous New England climate because they are grown in our own nursery in Groton, Massachusetts.

Our projects often use native stone as a construction material and a design element. We use it in wall construction, to create paths, water features, driveway borders, and to anchor displays of plants.

Our water features are usually built with stone as well. Stone and water always work well together — in ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and pool areas. When we are not making water beautiful, we also manage it. We always pay attention to drainage and irrigation requirements when we design every project, and tackle many jobs that simply drain or move water.

The finishing touch to many projects is the plants — flowers, shrubs, and trees. I started out with a solid academic foundation in horticulture, and over the years, I’ve learned the types of plants that thrive in New England’s many microclimates.

  • We use plants that suit your home or business for the long term, both aesthetically and are as easy as possible to maintain.
  • We raise many of our trees in our own nursery, in Groton, Massachusetts, so everything is winter-hardy and well-acclimated.
  • We purchase the plants that we do not grow ourselves from a select group of reputable area nurseries.

Care and attention to detail means we are the best choice for you, because our approach yields the greatest benefits for you, our customer.

Call us at 978 448 0300 or email info@earthscapeinc.com, and let’s get started!